The belief that human beings can be born with non-human souls, past-life memories, or mindsets. Otherkin vary from Therianthropes in that they tend to believe they are beings of mythology; dragons, fairies, phoenix, kitsune, etc.




A condition where a collection of symptoms are controlled and/or alleviated by, either the practice of draining psychic energy/prana/life-force, or the ingestion of physical blood (animal and/or human).


An individual who requires the ingestion of physical blood in order to maintain a state of health, severity varies.

A self-identified vampire who feeds on metaphysical energy. 

Psychic Vampire

A term to describe either a vampire who is psychic / can use psychic abilities, or a self-identified vampire who feeds on psychic / metaphysical energy.

Universal Feeder

A self-identified vampire that can feed on all sources, both physical and non-physical.


Vampire: Universal feeder, Blood/Energy feeder

Otherkin: Some otherkin describe themselves as a "hybrid" if they are two or more kintypes, or otherkin and vampire.


A strong bond that develops between a donor and a vampire.


An individual who voluntarily feeds a vampire.


Another name for a donor.

Black Swan

A term that includes not only donors, but lovers, friends, and family of an individual with vampirism, but do not have the condition themselves.


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